Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tub Time

I was very excited to finally be able to use this cute Tub Time rubon.  Luke just loves taking his baths.  I still need to fill in my journaling not sure what I'm going to write.  But wanted to post this sooner than later.  ;)


  1. How adorable!!!! I love it!!! Thanks for sharing girl!!!

    Sammye Jo
    My Blog

  2. This is adorble!! You're Colors are Fantastic!

  3. nice series of photos. love the circles on teh layout, looks like bubbles!Rebecca Ednie/thebragal Swap-Bot

  4. what an adorable little boy! Love it and him. He looks so happy in the pictures. I'm confused as to what an LO is, but I'm guessing it means some kind of decorated page. Congratulations on being in the newsletter (post under this one) lol.
    I so enjoyed your site. I'm a convert and it's all your fault! hehehe.
    ~Jaemac from swap-bot

  5. Oh my goodness, how cute! Your scrapbook page and your baby. Gorgeous! ~ candyn/swapbot

  6. OMG! So cute! I can't wait to scrapbook for my son. He has so great bath time picks as well! :-)

    kaydensmommy4e- swap-bot