Monday, January 3, 2011

good times

Another great sketch from Stuck?!  I thought I would do a summer time layout to warm all of us up from this cold winter weather we have been having in California.  My first one of the new year. 


  1. That's really nice. I've never done any scrapbooking, but I'm always amazed by people who do it. Do you often leave so much "empty" space around your photos and captions? I think it's a nice technique; I'm just so used to seeing much more cluttered pages in the scrapbooks I've encountered.

    --melydia from swap-bot

  2. Such a bright and cheerful page! It makes me want to dig out my scrappin stuff :) This is homekeepingheather from swapbot for the blog comments swap.

  3. Melydia: I don't alway leave a ton of space. It really depends on the sketch (if I use one) and how I'm feeling at the time. Most of my work is posted on my blog. Feel free and go as far back as you want.

    Thanks Heather. I'm really into bright colors right now when scrapping my son.

  4. Love your blog great colors and ideas! I am ready for Summer.... your layout makes me want it even more! Happy New year and I will add you to my follows. Bleu Belle Studio Swap-Bot

  5. Sometimes I wish I hadn't payed attention in my Poster-classes in the last year of school. It's destroyed all possibilities of me scrapping pages like this, with a huge space with nothing but decorative paper in it, because I'm so brainwashed into thinking it's wrong! I know it looks good, but I just can't make myself do it ;P So my scrapbooking style is "cramming as much stuff as possible into one page", and it gets old quickly... *sigh*

    I LOVE that paper btw, do you know who made it?

  6. Nice layout. You can use a busy paper when you don't have much on it. Then they work together.

    Coleen In Ukraine
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