Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Ideas

Adding More:
70.  Get 5 decortive items for my home.
71.  Organize and put all recipes on recipe cards.

My Work In Progress Items:
1. Finish creating my 101 in 1001 list. (71/101)
101 is a lot of things to come up with and complete.   

12. Visit 100 random blogs and leave comment(s). (67/100)

We picked up a few (new to us) pieces of furniture from my DH Grandmother and Uncle.  A kitchen table, hutch and bedroom dresser w/matching end tables.  My sister came the other weekend and we were discussing decor.  To be honest I have no sense of designing, at all.  Most of the items in my home are hand-me-downs or gifts.  I have very few items that I have boughten myself.  Well, my sis introducted me to DIY decor blogs.  Wow, I can't beleive how many great ideas there are out there.  And some of these houses are amazing.

25. Try 100 new recipes. (13/100)
We tried out some new recipes the last few weeks.  3 were no cook which was great because it was in the 100's that week. 

Banana Flaxseed Muffins that I made were small muffins so I eat two with my morning coffee.   I have been trying to get more fiber in my diet which is really hard.  For the most part I stuck to the recipe but instead of adding more flaxseed on top I put some oatmeal.   I've now made these twice.  I also tried a new Raspberry Lemon Muffin too.

Completed Items:
45. Donate 50 items. (50/50)

I actually donated more than 50 items.  I had a feeling that this would be an easy one for me.  I donate things all the time.  I love when I get hand-me-downs/free things.  But, it feels even better when I can pass things along to other people.   

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