Saturday, March 24, 2012

Throw Pillows and More...

70. Get 5 decorative items for my home. (3/5)
I have been on this thrift store/garage sale kick for a while now and haven't really found anything worth buying.  I have been to every thrift store between work and home several times.  To me a lot of the items seem to be over priced.  One store had a lamp for $25 and you can pick up a new one for about that same price.  Well, I stopped by a store last night on my way home and I struck gold.  I wasn't even planning on buying anything but they were having a 25% off everything, 50% clothes and 60% furniture.  I've been looking for a smaller desk, a buffet table and a lamp but not luck.  I did come across two new throw pillow for my couch, $2.44 each.  A toss in the washing machine and they look brand new.  Even my DD loves them, she still loves her pillow pet more so it's on top. 

I also picked up a pair of shoes for DS, only $2.  A toy bucket for the beach now they will each have one.  Plus, a few other items for around the house that I plan on re-doing (stay tuned).  I bought a total of 9 items for $14.82.  I hate spending money and usually feel guilty when I do.  I had that feeling this time as well but I know that it was all worth it. 


  1. Can't wait to see what you have in store! Some items for your hutch maybe?? =)
    The pillows look cute and so does the munchkin in the photo!

  2. Those are some great bargains!!