Thursday, August 12, 2010

Blog Awards

So I got two blog award recently and I'm so super excited.   

The first is:  Sugar Doll Blog Award from a fellow blogger Tove.  Here you go, 10 random facts about little old me. 

1.  I can't whistle. 
2.  I have a love hate relationship with working.  I love working and getting out of the house.  But, I hate leaving my kiddos all day and not being able to spend more time with them.
3.  I have never seen star wars.
4.  Yum, I love beer but don't drink like I used too.  Kids sure changes your priorities.
5.  I don't like cheesecake.
6.  I love sushi.  YUM!
7.  I hate money. Mostly because I don't have very much. I hate that it rules so much of everyday life.
8.  I don't know how it knit but I would love to lean.
9.  I love to make others happy.
10.  I dislike people that procrastinate but I find myself doing more and more.  Yuck!

There you have it, ten random facts about me.  Make your own list of ten random facts about yourselves!   The 5 people are:

1.  Jenn
2.  shafarina
3.  Jewels
5.  Trisha

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  1. Congrats on your award. My little blog is chugging along! I enjoy reading yours! Danajeanward from swap-bot