Monday, September 20, 2010

First Set: 5 questions for my blog......

I'm doing this fun swap, "5 questions for my blog......."  We get two partners and here is my first set of questions.

Hi! I am one of your partners for "5 questions for my blog......". Here are yours:

1) If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?
Super speed I think would be an awesome power.  I seem to never have enough time in the day to get everything done.  If I had super speed them I would be able to clean the house in a flash and still have time to spend with my kids.
2)How did you get into scrapbooking and what was your first topic/page?
Gosh that are really great questions.  My MIL started scrapbooking and then found out it wasn't really for her.  She gave me her stuff and I haven't looked back.  The first thing I scrapped was a trip we took up to Santa Maria, CA to visit my Great Aunt.  It amazes me how much my scrap style has changed and improved since then.
3) What is in your purse right now? Pictures are always welcome!
Lots and lots of papers (junk), check book, wallet, receipts, credit cards, health cards, gift cards, library cards, money, blue pen and a pink hair tie.   
4) If a song represents your life RIGHT NOW, what would it be and why?
This is actually an easy one for me at the moment.  The song is, "The house that built me" by Miranda Lambert.  I'm going thought a LOT of changes in my life right now including the loss of my Mom almost 4 years ago.  This song really seems to hit home for me right now.
5) What is one fun/cool/weird thing you or your family do at any holiday?
I think this covers all three fun/cool/weird.  Every year for Thanksgiving we go to the desert about 4 hours from our house.  We have a sandrail and quads and go riding.  I do have pictures of this event.  :)  The first is my hubby and our daughter in our sandrail.  The second picture is our group that we go with. 

Thanks Angie for the great questions.

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