Friday, October 21, 2011

Complete My List Of Items

I really need to finish putting my list together.  I didn't realize how much 101 items were.  Plus, I wanted to make it realistic because the more and more I read that other people who didn't complete their list in time it was because they added items that just weren't possible.

I have also realized that I should of completed my list before I started my clock.  The items towards the end of my list I won't have as much time to complete.  Oh well lesson learned. 

My Work In Progress Items:
8. Lose two pant sizes and stay in the single digit clothing size. (0/2)
I know it hasn't been a whole month yet but as I was warming up my lunch and I noticed that no one else was around so I weighted myself.  I lost another 2 pounds.  I haven't been eating the best the past few weeks so I'm happy that as least I didn't add weight. My total loss now is 20 pounds.  My clothes still fit although a little lose now but not enough to go to a smaller size.  My number 8 is going to be a real work in progress.

9. Do something for someone else (5 different people) that is completely unselfish. (3/5)
I came up with this idea a while back and finally sat down and did it.  It didn't even start out intended to make my list but I guess that the best part doing stuff in my everyday life not just working off a list directly.  Now I have to be honest this is somewhat selfish.  I made this mini album for my sister and honestly it didn't come out the way I originally envisioned it would but she liked it anyways.  It's selfish because it made me feel really good to be able to give something to my big sister.  She is very sweet and generous and I liked that I could give finally her something in return to show her my appreciation.

Completed Items:
50. Keep car clean for 1 whole month.
Well I'm very proud of myself that I did it!  However, as much as I want a clean car all the time I had a few situations where if my car was cluttered on the inside like normal it would of been helpful.  For example, my Son wakes up at the crack of dawn so he got ready with me but my daughter sleep until it was time to leave.  I knew that I had everything but I needed to grab some shoes for her.  Big surprise I forgot her shoes.  Normally this wouldn't be a problem because I usually have an extra pair in my car.  Not this time because it was spotless.  I ended up giving my Aunt $20 so they could run into Target and pick her up a pair.  The bright side is she LOVES her new sparkly shoes.  They wouldn't of been my pick and I can't believe that my Aunt let her pick those one out but in the end I'm glad that she did.  I'll have to take a picture to post.


  1. Hello, is for "Love Comment Blog ♥" swap. (1/3)
    Your work is very beautifull. In visiting your blog, I can see your differents projects, and this is one of my favorite ! It's very nice. I love colors and the concept!
    You are gifted.
    Good continuation :)

  2. Love Comment Blog <3 (3/3)
    I am sorry, I was sure I had commented on this post too - but it's gone. Well, the internet kept messing up so I guess I just got lost. Well, here I am again... I wish I could keep my car clean for such a long time. I actually regard mine as pretty clean right now, but it might not be. ;) At least I ve stopped carrying a lot of winter clothes in my trunk - dont neet em any more now i am in texas since its way warmer than in germany. ;)

  3. Congratulations for losing those pounds! I wish I have the courage to start a regime to lose weight too...maybe one day I will.

    sgheartswaps (SwapBot)

  4. I love your website! It's so full of originality and creativity and really gives me a good idea of who you are and what you're about.

    I found you because you commented on my blog through the SwapBot Love Comment Blog swap, and enjoyed your visit. I know how much work and dedication it takes to get the extra pounds off and keep in shape, so congrats!

    Glad you became a new Christina Perri fan...I always like helping to get stuff out there that deserves some recognition.

    *~ Alayna

  5. Great job on losing weight. I also am on a diet and it has been extremely hard. I so need to keep my car cleaner also. But it seems as if I clean it out that is the one item I will be needing. Just like the shoes:)

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