Saturday, October 15, 2011

Monkeyin' Around

We took a family trip a while back and the San Diego Zoo was part of our vacation.  The pictures are of my Dad and with my kids and the right photo has my sister and BIL in the back ground.  However, my little plan of getting a picture of my son with his giraffe tank top in front of the giraffe exhibit didn't really work out so I did snap a photo of a giraffe and included him in my layout. 

I was watching Jungle Book with my kids the other week and thought how great the songs go with our zoo pictures and the Scrap that Song Challenge was just around the corner on the 15th.  Perfect! 

The sketches from Sketch Inspiration fit my scrappy style perfectly and last weeks #241 was no exception. 


  1. cool blog! Tracy from Promoting your blog!

  2. Love Comment Blog ♥ (2/3)
    I love too this page. I love the theme, the photos, and the pictures ! The design is very cute! I love your page from scrapbooking ! Very good job !

  3. Did I send you the pics off my camera from our trip?

  4. Love Comment Blog ♥ (1/3)

    I love that layout! SO cute. :) I wish I had time/space to scrapbook. I've done a it of scrapbooking.

  5. this was such a fun challenge and loveyour layout!

  6. love comment blog... Your blog is colorful and its cool that you do scrapbooks