Monday, January 7, 2013

A List Update

It's been a while since I posted an update about my 101 list.  Here are the things I've accomplished and I even added a few new things to my list. 

3. Go to a play/musical.
In order of the picture my Aunt, Meme (Grandmother), Myself and My Sister went and saw The Nutcracker.

34. Visit Catalina Island.
We took a trip with my side of the family, adults only and an overnighter. 

36. Fly a kite.
We did this awhile ago but it doesn't look like I ever posted it.  I even created a layout with some of the pictures.

74. Travel locally to a town I've never been.
The kiddos and I drove to Santa Monica and had lunch at a fish market.  Park meters are not something I deal with very often which made for an interesting 30 minutes of my kids in the car and me outside of the car standing and staring at that little machine.

26. Buy a new camera.
My DH bought me a camera for Christmas.  It's something that I've been needing/wanting for a while now. 

2. Take public transportation.
Each year we plan a little trip with my Dad, My Sisters Family and My Family.   This year we went down to San Diego and while we were there we took the train to lunch and then back to the hotel.  It was a fun experience. 

38. Buy something off etsy that I think is cute.
I bought a few really cool tags, burlap stars and canvas butterflies from Curtsey Boutique. Here is a card I made with one of the butterflies.  I inked it with a pink ink pad to match the colors on the card.


  1. Hi I'm tamtamleestopping by swapbot....Interesting list. Beautiful pictures of your family. Card is very pretty you made.

  2. Love this idea you have. Gotta try that sometime.

    Your story about the parking meter made me laugh. The modern ones here got me going. Took awhile to figure it out and hoped for the best when I used it.

    purple24 from Blogging into 2013 (swapbot)

  3. Wow! Your doing pretty good with your list.

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  5. I have never taken public transportation, crazy that I am so afraid to because of the movies.