Thursday, October 24, 2013

10 More Spots Open On My List

I haven't been paying very much attention to my 101 in 1001.  Here is an update.  I still have 10 items open on my list.  I really need to finish writing my list so I can complete it.

11. Pay off credit cards.
Finally complete.  Although I just replaced it with 2 new car payments.  :)

43. Get a watering can.
It's not a pretty metal one like I had hoped but at least I finally picked one up.

84. Take a real family vacation.  Far enough to get on a plane.
Hello Tennessee.  The kiddos love the plane and we had an amazing time.  Makes me want to do more traveling.

80. Make brownies from scratch.
These turned out ok.  I thought I posted about this already but I can't find it anywhere.  

90. Take Trinity to get a pedicure(toes painted).
Trin and I went to a place on Father's Day while my Hubby and Son went to the car show.

88. Get a facial.
I just went and did this a few weeks ago.  Amazing!!!

87. Do zumba, at least once.
My SIL finally convienced me to go to a Zumba class with her.  Fun but not my cup of tea.

7. Take 10 hikes at various locations. (8/10)
We hiked on two trails both only about 20 minutes from the house.  After the second trail we ended at a fire station and the fire men let the kiddos honk the horn, look at equipment, etc...

While in TN we did  a few walks. I wouldn't call it hiking but it was walks outdoors up some hills and what-not.



  1. Cool list! I hope you can get these items done sometime!

  2. Interesting topics! And I like these photos :)

    -Ezzi / Love Comment Blog ♥ (11)