Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More of my list...

Adding more to my list.

22. Re-pierce to second holes in my ears.
23. Make a pickle.
24. Go horseback riding.
25. Try 100 new recipes. (0/100)
26. Buy a new camera.

Started but not complete, yet:
1. Finish creating my 101 in 1001 list. (26/101)
I'm 1/4 done with my list.  Finding 101 things was harder than I thought.  I don't want to get to crazy because I wanted to make sure that I can and will do all of the things on my list.
12. Visit 100 random blogs and leave comment(s). (9/100)
Completed 9, 91 to go.
25. Try 100 new recipes. (1/100)
My first new recipe was Crumb Cake and it was delish!  I made it for company and they even asked to seconds.  Yummy!
7. Take 10 hikes at various locations. (1/10)
We went to the Santa Rosa Plateau.  It's only about 15 - 20 minutes from our home and perfect for the kids.  My kids are still little so they can't really hike up big hills.  This place was more trails, streams and bushes. 


  1. I love reading people's lists...it inspires me to think of what I want/need to do in my life....and gives me great ideas too :)

    Thank you...keep at it!

  2. How nice that you are making this list!

    So I don't see your S4All blog post. Was it eaten up by blogger in it's mess of the last few days??

  3. Came looking for your S4All blog hop post.. I guess I'll just say hi here! I'm a follower now! :-)

  4. I also came looking for the blog hop! If you need a blog to read--here is mine-- One Krafty Kittymomma--- I just started it--so there isn't much there! LOL