Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Working On My List Again

Adding more:
27. Go to a professional sporting event.
28. Take my kids to the tide pools.
29. Watch my wedding video.
30. Get a record player.

In progress:
20. Take pictures of items when completing them, if possible. (2/101)
I won't be able to take pictures of every item because some you just can't photograph.  Plus, I lost my camera and can't find it anywhere.  Hence my #26. 

7. Take 10 hikes at various locations. (2/10)
Over the weekend I was able to check off another hike from my list.  My big sis, her hubby, my uncle-in-law and my little family of 4 went to Tenaja Falls.  We hiked up a trail to have lunch and sit by the waterfall and pools.  A very nice Sunday afternoon.

Trin w/my big sis

Luke, Me and Wile E.

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