Monday, July 18, 2011

Organizing Time

Nothing new to my list this time around. But, I have been busy completing some items.

My Work In Progress Items:
45. Donate 50 items.  (38/50)
I donated an array of items...our kitchen table, our bedroom tv stand, Trin's outgrown clothes, dishes, baby bath towel, and more...

10. Sew a new “park” blanket.
All the material has been bought and I started cutting out squares.  I still have a long away to go but I'm glad to say I'm making progress.

25. Try 100 new recipes. (6/100)
Well, my Dad and in-laws came over this past weekend for dinner.  I made Sesame Chicken and Sauteed Baby Spinach both new recipes and it turned out well. 

Tonight we tried a Chicken with fresh mushrooms recipe and OMG this turned out really well.  All 4 of us liked it and Greg even had seconds. 

Complete Items:
67. Clean out, organize and put away new tupperware.
We had an organizing crazy time at my house and of course Luke wanted to help.  Here are the before and after pictures.

69. Clean out and organize junk drawer.
I do this about once a year and it sure was time.  The before and after of my junk drawer.

62. Replace bathroom hand towels.
For weeks Trinity's has been telling me, "Mama we need to have a girls night (or day)."  Well, we did just that on Sunday.  This consisted of dropping a gift off to a friend, Michael's Craft Store, Target (picked up new hand towels) and lunch out.  She had a blast and so did I.  After we got home we watched a movie - good old Strawberry Shortcake.  I couldn't of asked for a better Sunday afternoon.


  1. Kitchen table??
    Love the organization.
    Sounds like a fun day with Trin.

  2. LOL, well a new "to us" kitchen table and matching hutch. We got it from Greg's grandparents.

    Trin did have a great day. It's wonderful when I get to spend that one on one kinda time with them.