Saturday, July 2, 2011

Over The Hump

I can't believe I'm over the half way hump. Hooray!!!

Adding more:
50. Keep car clean for 1 whole month.
51. Collect 6 china tea cups with matching saucer. (0/6)
52. Make an apron.
53. Put all photos in albums.
54. Update photos that I have hanging in frames in the whole house.
55. Finish painting Luke's dresser.
56. Pop up a tent in the backyard and sleep overnight.
57. Finish remodeling our bathroom.
58. Go on a real date (with my DH).
59. Make a pie from scratch. (This includes the crust.)
60. Make and can salsa.
61. Make jello gigglers.
62. Replace bathroom towels.
63. Go camping, just the 4 of us.
64. Keep my niece overnight.
65. Make homemade applesauce.
66. Make pretties (hair clips) for Trinity.

In Progress:
51. Get 6 china tea cups with matching saucer. (1/6)
I don't like to only post one or two new list items so I wait until I have a few.  When my Great Grandma Trautwein passed away I got one of her china sets.  We have moved a few times and several pieces have been broken.  :( 

Once a year for my birthday I host a tea party and use great Grandma T's set.  I thought it would be fun if everyone had a different tea cup.  I had mentioned it to my MIL and apparently she remembered.  We recently spent a 3 day weekend camping up in Kernville, CA.  They had this cute tiny shopping area with antique stores, ice cream parlor and a huge grassy area.  My MIL told me that she wanted to buy me a cup for my new collection.  I was so surprised and generally touched.  I felt like a kid in a candy store.  It was super hard for me to decide but here is the one I picked.

12. Visit 100 random blogs and leave comment(s). (13/100)
Chasing The Now without a doubt is my favorite blog that I have ever came across.  She blogs about her everyday life, food, exercise, etc... I have a feeling I'll be back to see her again. 

32. Do something that scares me.
The smart cookie that my big sis is, told me after we got back from our camping trip, that I should of added white water rafting to my list.  I totally should have because it is something that I have wanted to do but never thought I would.  After I hung up with her I got to thinking I did complete one of my items without even realizing it, LOL.  #32 Do something that scares me.  I tend to stick to things that I'm comfortable with.  Us falling into the water, the part of rafting that scares me the most, definitely checks this one off my list.


  1. That's a fun list! A lot of things to look forward to!

    I checked out that Blog...Maria is so cute! How neat they live in Japan, too!

  2. Yay! And as I've always said your MIL rocks!

  3. I found your blog through swap-bot and now I'm following you. As I browsed through your blog, this beautiful teacup set caught my eye. It's lovely!