Saturday, January 14, 2012

Who Needs Cheese When You Can Have Chocolate

My Sister, DD and myself had a wonderful time on our road trip in November.  I have all the pictures printed and this is my first layout with may to follow.

I had this layout invisioned but it came out nothing like I pictured.  I have been tinkering with this page for days.  I hate when I picture something and it comes out all wrong.  LOL, I guess you get what you get sometimes.

Scrap that Tune - Girls Just Want to Have Fun?
Pinherest Challenge - I used a doilie.


  1. that is a really cute layout. love the butterflies.

    eveyinorbit via Love Comment Blog ♥ (6)

  2. I think the layout looks good, but then again I'm not sure what you had in mind in the beginning. So much fun and such great memories! The kids are going to love these pages when they grow up!